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Sandeep Sandhu


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Parker Dubrule Szaszkiewicz LLP
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Sandeep Sandhu is an associate lawyer at Parker Dubrule Szaszkiewicz LLP. Sandeep attended law school at the University of London, United Kingdom, and subsequently completed her Master’s degree at the Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, in 2016. Sandeep practices in all areas of litigation, with her primary practice being family law. Sandeep is dedicated to helping clients with child support, conflict custody and access disputes. She is an effective advocate for her clients, especially when clients are in high conflict. She believes in providing quality legal assistance to her clients for the best possible outcomes and giving back to the community.

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Why did you join The Sifarish Network?
The Sifarsih Network is an excellent platform for social connection, dedicated to South Asian community. I am thrilled to band together with other members to inspire, support and help our community grow together.