The Sifarish Story


Sunny Kakar and Rajiv Malhotra are born and raised Edmontonians who have had a passion for public service and connecting people since the time they met in elementary school. From being active members and leaders in their Junior High School Student Council, to organizing and running south asian community based cultural events and parties in University, and now being active leaders in their respective communities, Sunny and Rajiv have always had a focus on being social connectors and community builders.

In these increasingly online and electronically linked yet personally disconnected times, Rajiv and Sunny see an opportunity to formally bring together, connect, and uplift the South Asian community at large with a laser focus on professionals and business people through the power of peer to peer networking.

The power of the collective is far greater than the individual or siloed efforts of a few within the community. Hence Sunny and Rajiv came together with a great group of founding members to establish the Sifarish Network. The Sifarish network aims to become the premier networking group for the South Asian Business and Professional community in Canada by providing relevant programming and opportunities for development, fostering valuable connections, and facilitating member success through business and career growth at high quality networking events.