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As the founder of Digital Monk Marketing, Monica has been working with clients to master their sales & marketing efforts since 2006. Her forte is figuring out what makes your potential client tick by understanding the buying process and how each persona reacts to brand messaging. Really digging deep and figuring out the true motivations behind purchasing behaviour. Monica's deep desire to truly understand your business allows her to strategize and create an undeniable brand experience leaving your competition in the dust. Just ask her many clients who have experienced this first hand. Monica is passionate about getting results for her clients and is always up to date on current trends and changes to the marketing landscape. She is an expert at uncovering the true story behind a brand and building messaging that resonates with their dream customers. Her passion for the psychology of what drives consumer behaviour gives her a unique perspective that she leverages to create more traffic and conversions for companies. Monica has worked with international brands like Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, and Honda. Her award-winning marketing strategies have been recognized globally.

“I believe we are stronger as a community. Inspiring one another to align with our purpose is propelled with the support of a like minded community.”