Welcome to The Sifarish Network in Victoria

The Sifarish Network is excited to come to Victoria and share our message of building Community Collaboration and Connection within and beyond the South Asian Community in Canada! Please join us for an information and networking night where we will share the mission and vision of the Sifarish network, and it’s success in Edmonton in Calgary where we have successfully built a strong South asian community of over 500 members! We are looking for founding members in Victoria to join us and help spread our mission of connection and positivity free from silos and barriers that divide us. We believe in the power of the collective over the individual and hope to see you there!


Swans Pub

  • 05 April, 2024
  • 06:30 pm 08:00 pm
  • 1601 Store St, Victoria, BC V8W 1N6

The Sifarish Network

The Premier South Asian Networking Group