Resume & Interview Workshop

Event Information:

    • The Sifarish Network is proud to present a FREE Resume and Interview Workshop session to help improve your resume writing and interviewing skills! Senior Human Resource professionals from our network with many years of experience will share information for prospective job seekers and even experienced professionals looking to hone and improve their skill set to help further your professional career journey!

      Interview Topics include:

      ● Types of interviews

      ● How to practice being interviewed

      ● What to expect and what is expected

      ● How to respond to some of the most common behavioral interview questions, such as your leaving story and salary expectations

      ● Preparation for tough questions

      ● Questions to ask the employer

      Resume Topics include:

      ● Different styles of resume

      ● Designing a resume that supports your career objectives

      ● What information to include in the resume

      ● Preparing targeted cover letters for advertised positions and recruitment agencies

      ● Preparing thank you messages and when to send them

      ● Basic rules and common mistakes with resume and cover letter preparation



The Meadows Community Recreation Centre

  • 08 October, 2023
  • 01:00 pm 02:00 pm
  • 2704 17 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6T 0X1

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