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Tyler Baker
  • English


Born in New Zealand I moved to Canada in 2005.

I am an embracer of challenges; of change; of complex and wicked problems where the joy is in the journey; where there is an opportunity to see innovation early and be excited by it. I am inspired by people who, while accomplishing great things today, are focused on the future and are excited by disruption rather than threatened by it.

I want to get up every morning with real purpose and something important to achieve, embracing life with the abundance ethos of “one more time” and “just one more”.

Growing up in New Zealand, I learned to be adaptive, assimilative, multi-faceted and pragmatic as a problem solver, and able to find the often simple fixes needed to make things work. North America based since 2005, I bring those same competencies to the challenges of health and safety.

In addition, I lead Tyler Baker Photography, an Alberta registered Non-Profit Organization that supports cultural diversity in dance, music, and other art forms by capturing and providing professional-quality images to artists without access to them. These professional-quality artistic images help the artists in promoting their creative endeavors and establishing their Brand. We pride ourselves on creating images which are “about” our talent, rather than “of” them, using our expertise in composition, lighting, and storytelling. Tyler Baker Photography is a Cultural Social Enterprise which engages in commercial assignments to support its non profit activity. Its value preposition is that its partners get to meet both an immediate need as well as contribute to their ESG goals.

Education & Work Achievements

  • MBA
  • BSc
  • International OH&S Diploma
  • Associates in Enterprise Risk Management
Licenses & Certificates
  • ISO 45001 auditor
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

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I attended an event and was taken by the professionalism and sense of community

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