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Founder/Artistic Director
Business Name
Jeevan Gopal Dance Academy Inc.
  • English, Hindi, French, Punjabi


Anjana Babbar is a performing artist, teacher and choreographer. 
Dance has been an integral part of her life for the past four decades and has been her vehicle to connect, share, and serve.
Anjana Babbar is a trained dance professional proficient in Bollywood, Kathak and various folk dances of India. Started her formal training at the age of 11, she honed her craft under the guidance of her guru in India for 11 years where she explored a diverse repertoire of dance forms ranging from traditional to modern to experimental. Entranced by sufism and mysticism early on in her life, shades of devotion are quite evident in her performances.

Equipped with a Master’s degree in Anthropology and a degree in French language she entered the corporate world in the field of cardiovascular medicine in pharmaceutical industry and later joined the cultural centre of French embassy as a Cultural officer while passionately pursuing dance as a hobby on the side performing at various prestigious stages across India. Little did she know that her immense love for art and movement will eventually change the trajectory of her life.

After moving to Canada, it was her innate desire to share her passion coupled with her willingness to serve her community that led to the opening of her dance school Jeevan Gopal Dance Academy Edmonton in 2010. As the founder & artistic director of the academy for over 12 years, she is training budding dancers of this diverse and dynamic community who rock the stage wherever they perform.

Anjana is well known for her vibrant, energetic, culturally rich and artistically intricate dance presentations. Having danced her way into peoples hearts in India and Canada, her goal is to encourage creativity, display the brilliance of our rich culture, showcase the beauty of diversity, spread the appreciation for art and culture, inspire the next generation, and bring people and communities together while celebrating the joy of dancing.

Education & Work Achievements

  • Master’s in Anthropology
  • Degree in French Language
  • 11 years of dance training in Kathak, Bollywood and Folk dances of India
Work History
  • Performing Artist for over 4 decades
  • Founder/ Artistic Director, Jeevan Gopal Dance Academy since 2010

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The vision of Sifarish aligns with my personal values of community, contribution, connections and co creation. More than just a networking platform I feel Sifarish is an enrichment program which allows us to engage in community building, cultivating powerful professional relationships and also to pay it forward through mentoring, guiding & supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists and professionals.

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